A-Z List of Products & Services

Iron Fireman is a South African based company located in Johannesburg.  We are importers and distributors of capital equipment spares and service for all major South African Industries, including:-  Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Sugar and others.

A Anderson: Separators
Automatic Control Valves and Steam Attemperators
B Blow-Down Valves and Boiler Feedwater Valves; Boiler Trim
C Copes Vulcan: Control Valves Desuperheaters and Silencers
Clark-Reliance: Boiler Level Indicators (Direct & Indirect Reading)
Conformity Assessment
D Desuperheaters for any application
DuraStar Illuminators
E Electro Eye-Hye Boiler Level Indicators
Eductors/Jet Pumps
Enthusiastic & Efficient service to Industry
F Flat Glass Boiler Gauges
G Gauges, Gauge Glasses
H High Pressure Drop Control Valve Applications
I Innovative Solutions
J Jerguson: Level Gauges and Gauges Valves
Jacoby Tarbox: Sight Flow Indicators
K PCTFE Gauge Glass Shields (Formerly Kel-F)
Keen attention is given to customer's requirements
L Level Gauges (Direct Reading & Remote Reading); Level Alarms
M Magnicator & Mini-Mag: Magnetic Level Gauges; Micas
Magne-Sonics: Ultrasonic level switches and transmitters.
N NDT Examination performed on equipment serviced
Nuclear Emergency Cooling Water Pumps
O Overhaul and OEM Spares for all types of equipment
P Pressure Reducing Valves
Press-Seal: High heat thermal sealant
Q Quick Change Valve Trims
Quality Products & Services
R Raven Trim: Solutions for precise flow control in severe duty applications
S Senior Flexonics Pathway (SFP): Flexible fabric or Stainless Steel bellows for highly specialised industrial applications.
The Simpliport direct reading gauge is the brightest on the market.
Sight Glasses; Strainers; Sight Flow Indicators; Sealants; Spares & Service
T Turbine Water Induction Protection Systems (TWIP)
for predictive maintenance and other applications
U Uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction
V Valves, Venturi Pumps
W Water Columns: both Float & Electronic Types
Workshop Facilities
X X-tra Special Attention to customer’s specifications
Y Your steam specialists
Z Zero-Rated VAT exports to SADC Countries. (SARS regulations apply)


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