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We at Iron Fireman place high value in understanding our customers technical needs and operational objectives. On any given engineering project there may often be several technically sound solutions, each one having its own merits. It is for this reason that we welcome the opportunity to meet with the engineer/s concerned and assist them in their technical evaluation.

High Heat Sealants


Pres-Seal is a general purpose high heat sealant often used to seal in Pressealgasses in a variety of industrial applications. It has the consistency of a tough putty and can be worked into those spaces that may otherwise prove difficult. Previously many of our customers used to use a product called High Heat Dum Dum for this purpose, but the manufacturer stopped producing this some time ago. We believe that Pres-seal is a suitable alternative but with a wider variety of applications.

Silver Seal II:

Silver Seal II is a fibrous paste sealant used for sealing rough orSilver Seal II irregular joints of turbines, boilers, heat exchangers, compressors, pumps, blowers, piping, ducting, process furnaces, paint ovens, or any high temperature/pressure metal to metal joint, or can be used as a gasket dressing. During joint assembly, sealant will flow into rough or irregular surfaces to provide a durable seal. Silver Seal II expands under heat and cures to a leathery consistency, and will not crack due to thermal cycling or vibration. Joint disassembly is easy as the sealant does not excessively harden which allows for quick separation.


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