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Turbine Bypass

Typically exhaust steam from the turbine is used in the downstream process at a lower temperature and pressure condition then at the turbine inlet. This means that, if the turbine were to trip, or it was taken off line, the downstream process would still require steam at this condition. In this scenario, the turbine bypass desuperheater is installed in parallel to the steam turbine. The turbine trip signal initiates the opening of a Turbine Bypass Desuperheater which takes the entire steam flow intended for the turbine and reduces its temperature and pressure in order to provide steam to the process at the required condition.

Desuperheater Synopsis

For most duties that require both cooling and pressure reduction, in a single operation, we may usually offer a combined PRDS Desuperheater. The most sophisticated of these duties however is the Turbine Bypass, which also requires that the desuperheater has a tight shut-off. On this duty we would recommend the DSCV Desuperheater.