A-Z List of Products & Services

Iron Fireman is a South African based company located in Edenvale, Gauteng.  We are importers and distributors of capital equipment spares and service for all major South African Industries, including:-  Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Sugar and others.

AAnderson: Separators
Automatic Control Valves and Steam Attemperators
BBlow-Down Valves and Boiler Feedwater Valves
Boiler Trim
CCopes Vulcan: Control Valves & Desuperheaters
Clark-Reliance: Boiler Level Indicators (Direct & Indirect Reading)
Conformity Assessment
DDesuperheaters for any application
DuraStar Illuminators
EElliott Steam Turbines
Electro Eye-Hye Boiler Level Indicators
Eductors/Jet Pumps
Enthusiastic & Efficient service to Industry
FFlat Glass Boiler & Process Gauges
GGauges, Gauge Glasses
HHigh Pressure Drop Control Valve Applications
IInnovative Solutions
JJerguson: Level Gauges and Gauges Valves
Jacoby Tarbox: Sight Flow Indicators
KPCTFE Gauge Glass Shields (Formerly Kel-F)
Keen attention is given to customer’s requirements
LLevel Gauges (Direct Reading & Remote Reading); Levelalarm Gold.
MMagnicator & Mini-Mag: Magnetic Level Gauges; Micas
Magne-Sonics: Ultrasonic level switches and transmitters.
NNDT Examination performed on equipment serviced
Nuclear Emergency Cooling Water Pumps
OOverhaul and OEM Spares for all types of equipment
PPressure Reducing Valves and PRDS Desuperheaters
Press-Seal: High heat thermal sealant
QQuick Change Valve Trims
Quality Products & Services
RRaven Trim: Solutions for precise flow control in severe duty applications
SThe Simpliport direct reading gauge is the brightest on the market.
Silver Seal II Sealant for turbine and compressor casings
Sight Glasses; Strainers; Sight Flow Indicators; Sealants; Spares & Service
T(TWIP) Turbine Water Induction Protection Systems
Specialized valve trims solving the problems of severe duty applications.
UUncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction
UniGlas® FM Approved Dual Windows
VValves, VO Desuperheaters
Venturi Pumps
WWater Columns: both Float & Electronic Types
Weldpad Liquid level gauges for tank applications
Workshop Facilities
XWater Columns: both Float & Electronic Types
Weldpad Liquid level gauges for tank applications
Workshop Facilities
YYour steam specialists
ZZero-Rated VAT exports to SADC Countries. (SARS regulations apply)

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