Generic Items

Generic Boiler Gauge Glasses, Mica & Gaskets:

Plain Glass 15

Size IV: Plain Glass

Reflex Glass 15

Size IV: Reflex Glass

It is always preferable to purchase the your gauge consumables from the brand manufacturer of your gauge. This will ensure that the components supplied are of the correct quality and will not compromise the guarantee of your equipment. It is also important that all the wear components of a gauge section are replaced simultaneously. This is because gauge glasses that have been used build up a stress memory. Glasses that are re-installed in gauge are inevitably stressed differently. This will cause the glass to fail, often sooner than expected and inevitably the mica shield and gaskets will be sacrificed.

Our generic Gauge Glass components conform to industry standard dimensions and can fit in most makes of Gauge. They are often purchased where the make of gauge is unknown or where the end-user needs a ready supply for various different gauges. There is often no distinction is made between a cushion gasket and a sealing gasket as the same gasket is offered for both functions. It is for this reason that we only recommend them for use up to 32 Bar(g) or 900Psi(g)

In order to maintain an economical supply for our customers, Iron Fireman imports larger quantities of these component and they are available EX Stock. Even though our generic components are available individually, it is still advisable to replace our gauge consumables as a set. For a transparent gauge the set required fro each gauge section would include:- 2 Glasses, 2 Micas, 2 Sealing Gaskets and 2 Cushion Gaskets.

The components offered are of high quality and are designed for standard boiler duties. We will be glad to make specific recommendations for higher temperature/pressure or non-boiler applications.

Other Sight Glasses/Sight Windows:

We can also assist with a variety of other glasses for industrial application. These include tubular glass for boilers but may also include custom sight glasses of Soda Lime or Quartz. These can be almost any shape: Round, Obround or Rectangular. In some cases we have been called on to cut unusual profiles or a thickness not otherwise available in South Africa. Please let us have you requirement and we will assist you.

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