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Control Valves:

The SD-Severe Duty valve is a premium severe duty and critical service control valve design. It is the next generation of improved control valves designed specifically for severe duty applications. The most important sub-assembly of a control valve is the trim. It must control the fluid process, often under extremely high pressure drop conditions, without undue damage due to flashing, cavitation, wire drawing, noise vibration or instability. Copes Vulcan offers a wide variety of general service and severe duty trim designs for the industry. The wide variety of trim configurations allows us to customize valve designs to meet customers’ requirements and conditions, while optimizing performance.

Copes-Vulcan control valves can be fitted with an extensive array of standard and high performance trims to meet most severe duty/critical service requirements. Copes-Vulcan trims feature a quick-change design to reduce downtime for inspection, maintenance or change out, and most are cage guided, further ensuring smooth, accurate operation. Most are fully interchangeable between like sizes to ensure maximum flexibility and reduced inventory requirements.

A complete range of extremely rugged pneumatic diaphragm actuators will meet practically any severe duty service. Our actuators can be used in an array of applications where shock and/or vibration may be encountered. Our actuators have undergone extensive testing and analysis for seismic and environmental considerations and are suitable for nuclear applications. In addition to the actuators manufactured by Copes-Vulcan, we can provide electric and hydraulic actuation that will meet the needs of each application.


A desuperheater is a valve that reduces the temperature of superheated steam by the introduction of cooling water. The output condition will still contain a small amount of superheat to ensure that the steam is dry and to prevent hunting on the instrumentation. Generally this could be between 5-10 Deg C, but would vary according to the type of desuperheater selected.

Requesting a Quotation:

Generally when requesting a quotation for a new valve we would require that the customer provides a duty specification in order for us to prepare a suitable quotation. This can be supported by a P&ID when available. This also applies to replacement units where the duty is deemed to have changed.

Copes Vulcan Control Valves and Desuperheaters are built according to the specific duty for which they are designed and it is for this reason that every unit is marked with its own serial number. New units are supplied with an Instruction Operation and Maintenance Manual which has a detailed parts list

Good Practice:

Requesting Spares and Service:

Literature: Since 2002 all reference material is made available in Adobe Acrobat format. On supply of new equipment, a CD containing contract specific information for the customers records will be packed together with the goods. Additional copies can be arranged on request. Please inform us of your literature requirements.

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