Desuperheater Types

Copes Vulcan has the largest portfolio of any desuperheater manufacturer internationally. This means that we are always able to offer the customer the most appropriate desuperheating technology. Typically we will match the characteristics of a cooling water valve to the requirement of the desuperheater thus using both valves to provide an optimal solution and the lowest possible approach temperature.

Sizing and Selection:

All Copes Vulcan Desuperheaters are sized by their engineers using a proprietary computer sizing program to ensure the best technical selection. The input criteria required to perform a selection is as follows:

  • Flow rate of process steam
  • Pressure of process steam
  • Size and schedule of process steam line
  • T1: Input process steam temperature (superheated)
  • T2: Output process steam temperature (desuperheated)


    Flow through a Desuperheater

  • Temperature and Pressure of Cooling Water available
  • The length of straight pipe available downstream before the temperature sensing element
  • For the VO: The direction of steam flow
  • For the PRDS: The required temperature of process steam
  • For the SA-35: The Temperature and Pressure of the atomizing steam available

The Mechanical Atomizing (MA-1 & MA-2):

The Spring Assisted Multiple Nozzle Desuperheater (SAMN):

The Variable Annulus Desuperheater (VAD):

The Steam Assist Desuperheater (SA-35):

The Spray Desuperheater (SD2K):

The Variable Orifice Desuperheater (VO-76 & VOII):

The Pressure Reducing Desuperheater (PRDS):

The DSCV and DSCV-SA Desuperheaters:

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