Jerguson Gage & Valve

Jerguson® Gage and Valve, a division of Clark Reliance Corp. is the leading supplier of level gauge products, offering the world’s largest selection of liquid level gauge glasses, magnetic gages, and accessories. Jerguson pioneered and is the only manufacturer of complete product offerings in both traditional glass and magnetic-type gages. This wide array of product offering assures that solutions are based on customer needs . . . not on what is available.

Jerguson® provides you a single source level measurement & control solution, bringing new technologies to remote level indication. Jerguson introduces Tuning Fork Frequency Shift, Ultrasonic Gap, Displacer, Non-
Contact Ultrasonics as well as Capacitance Technologies. This variety of measurement technologies allows you to select a product for nearly any type of level application. The specific equipment covered here is not exhaustive, but a brief indication of what is available. We welcome the opportunity to address any of you questions.

Process Level Gauges:

Magnicator (Magnetic Level Gauge)

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