Process Gauge Advantages

Process Level Gauges

Recessed Gasket
  • Jerguson Recessed gaskets have a superior sealing system making maintenance trouble-free and resulting in less downtime..
  • Positive seal is ensured by encapsulation of gasket
  • Facilitates assembly and allows assembly of the gauge installed in line.
Chamber Material
  • Jerguson builds a more “robust” gauge, using 1 9/16″ Square Bar compared to competitive 1 3/8″ bar material. Jerguson increases the safety factor by offering more material in pressure containing parts of the gauge.
ASTM Grade Wetted Parts
  • Jerguson Meet CE MR-01-75 and ANSI B31.1 – B31.3 material requirements. The materials are uniform and compatible with the pressure vessel.
100% Hydrostatic Pressure tested
  • Jerguson gauges are 100% hydrostatically tested per the requirements of ANSI B31.1 – B31.3, to ensure proper gauge operation.
Superior Paint & Coating
  • Jerguson provides a quality product through the assembly process. Individual components are painted and coated to specification before assembly, ensuring complete coverage and long life.
ISO 9001 Certified
  • Jerguson is committed to quality and all manufacturing is certified ISO 9001, with a documented quality system. Jerguson has been manufacturing since 1905 and offers the widest selection of liquid level gauges worldwide


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